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Robot Jox Matsumoto-14

Robot Jox Matsumoto-14 paper model
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two-color variants, blank white template
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Download not available yet
.3dm file for Rhinoceros 3D editor

Model information

Robot Jox is my favourite sci-fi movie from my childhood. I was really impressed by big fighting robots with amazing frame-by-frame animation :) . Matsumoto-14 was the newest robot of Market piloted by Achilles, who stands against opponents from Confederacy.
Despite I like the design of Confederacy's robots more, I have decides to create paper model of Matsumoto robot. Mostly bacause of available resources and blueprints. Model will be available in two color variants (as seen in the movie - first and second fight) and also as a white blank template for those, who like to improve and customize their models. I would like to create detailed model with moveable arms and legs and also including small interior. Currently I am working on very rough 3D model.